Tourism data sheet: Guayacanes Frontera Loja

This info sheet contains facts information about how I and my aunt traveled to Loja and visited the blossom of Guayacanes.

Departure: Quito

Arrival: Catamayo, Loja (30 minutes South Loja)

Option 1.

By bus Transportes Loja

Tickets bought three days in advanced

Price 25US$ one way

Time: 9:00 hours ride to Loja and 30 minutes bus to Catamayo

There are two terminals in Quito Nortth Carcelen and south Quitumbe. Buses departs from both terminals.

Option 2.

By plain

International Quito Airport (

Price: 180US$ round trip to Santa Rosa (El Oro) or Catamayo (Loja)

Time: 1 hour

Once in Catamayo (  we hired a truck to take us to Mahaurco. On the way we made couple of tourist stops. It took around six hours the ride from Catamayo to Mahaurco. The driver had a map of the route to take. The driver was very nice and tell us a lot stories of Loja.

Price 60US$


During the tourist season (Guayacan blossom) there are couple of food tents and small restaurants that open up. There is also service for bike rental, day tours, camping, small hotel, free wifi.

Buses to this site runs twice a day, not easy to go out, but there is also the chance to pay a ride to the next bigest town Zapotillo.

From Mangahurco we hired another truck to  the border of Perú, Cazaderos village, this town had also Guayacan forest but bloomed already, it took 40 minutes in a bumpy road and paid 15US$.

Hotel prices in Mahurco are around from 5$ up to 20$ per night, small clean rooms share bathroom or private. While in Cazaderos people rent rooms in their houses, about 5$ per person.

Cazaderos is very quite, safe and nice place to walk. People is helpul, and know the place around. They offer also visits to the Guayacan forest  and other touristic places.

This conctac gave me the Presidente e la Junta de Cazaderos, you can call and ask info about getting there, arranging local tours and accomodations…ptices are cheap, very nice services, simple accomodation.

Food prices in Mahurco, Cazaderos, Zapotillo are around 5UD$ up to 10$ (there is not cheap breakfats…average price is 5$) for regular meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Fuel price is more expensive that average of Ecuador, also there are a few gas satation in Zapotillo county. If you are traveling in your own car fill the tank before getting close to the border to Peru.

Contact in Cazaderos: Rony Hidalgo (Presidente) 073097958

Cazaderos has a bus to Alamor (once a day early in the morning 5am)

There is another way back to Quito from  Magahurco, rent a truck (2hours)  or take the bus to Zapotillo (3 hours) Price$30. In Zapotillo you can eiter take a bus that goes to Quito via coast (Machala) or a bus via Sierra (Loja), it will take around 14 hours any direction.

If you bought an air ticket just return the same way you took to on the way in.

Loja map

Information data from a trip made in 2014

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Source: Guayacanes Frontera Loja



















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