Ingapirca (Cuenca #2)

Ruinas de Ingapirca

INGAPIRCA now I can say: been there, done; I think is overrated like a friend told me. The road trip was nice, it could take up to 3 hours if you mist the bus straight to Ingapirca from Cuenca. 

First we mist the bus from Cuenca to Ingapirca, the bus has 3 departures and it takes two hours. We arrived late to the terminal in Cuenca and we took a bus to Cañar county in Cañar province, about 2hours. Then we were lucky enough that the bus that goes to Ingapirca was departing the same moment we arrived to the terminal. 

Then it was about an hour ride trough beautiful roads full of green slopes, and country landscapes with unique houses. Indeed huge US magazine designed houses built along the road are part of the pintorest scenery. (4.50$ USD the ride of two buses to Ingapirca from Cuenca/one passenger)

Finally Ingapirca town, buses parked almost next to the ruins, you can see them very close. At the main entrance there is tourist information room. It is necessary to sign in to be assigned into a group and a guide. At this place there are lockers, toilets, and a big living room where you can rest. As an advice bring a good jacket, gloves and scarf because Ingapirca is located at 3200 meters therefore weather goes from sunny to windy and rainy in seconds. Be aware that this site during holidays in Ecuador welcome a lot of tourists, therefore the visit can also include a long waiting line.

Ingapirca most preserved and reconstructed archaeological site. It has a semi-intact temple, historical information and open fields, is definitely worth a stopover if you are headed this way (Lonlely Planet). Ruins were originally used by the Cañari as an observatory. Unfortunately, during Spanish occupation, authorities took away much of Ingapirca’s stone to build nearby churches and villages.

The site has been restored, ruins have two parts, the first part you have a tour guide and it takes about an hour; the second part is self guided and it takes about the same time. All the site is very well labeled, there is also a small museum.

Besides that, after finishing the visit there is not much to do or eat, three small restaurants and two handycraft shops. The last none stop bus to Cuenca departs at 4pm (16:00)



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