Isla Santay, Guayaquil

I went to Isla Santay and I liked. I would recommend you for a day out. Another face of Guayaquil. I was stayng in a hostal in front of Malecon 2000. I  took a taxi and it cost 3$. Another option is taking the trolley. You have to find the trolley stop in the direction of Parque Centenario. Get off in Parque Centenario stop. From there is 2 minutos walking to the park.


It is better going early in the morning. If you go after or around miday the heat you can feel is extreme. Bring a hat, sunscreen, confortable shoes, do not bring pets, water. The road is made of with a plastic material and can get very hot, and you maybe hurting your pet paws.

The visit to Isla Santay is an opportunity to do sports activities, wlaking ro ridding a bike. At the entrance of the park, it is possible to rent a bike for 4$, you have to show an ID (cédula de identidad). As an suggestion check very well the bike conditions before leaving. You will be able to change bikes if you dont like. Bikes also have numbers, it is important to remember the number, because you live the bike in a parking space before entering to the community. As a suggestion you can recommend the guy who is in charge of watching the bikes. In my case, the bike was switched on the way back, but I could ride the bike, it was not perfect, but at least it worked.


Once I get to the entrance I decided I will rent a bike. The total ride is about 10minutes if you do not stop, but it took me around 30 minutes to arrive to the parking lot. First you have to ride over a bridge, great spot for pictures. It is ease to see Guayaquil city. After crossing the bridge, there are two options.

You can go either to Durán, biking one hour. Or go and visit the community and cocodrile pond (the biking ride is 10 minutes, plus another 20 minutes of walking to visit the cocodrile pond). The road is beautiful, surrounded by trees and big bushes, you can eve hear some birds. Enjoy it, go slowly, and gives you peace.

If you decide to walk instead to ride a bike, be prepare to have water and a hat to enjoy the stroll. In the community is possible to buy food, liquids at cheaps prices. You can rest there, it is like a small food court. Also at the beggining and at the end of the main bridge there are kiosko where you can get water or juices.

Guayaquil, vista desde la Isla Santay

Finally and most important, enjoy the view, the silence of some parts of the park, breath deeply and keep hydrate.

Area de Recreación Isla Santay

By troley 0,25 cents

By taxi (from Malecon 2000) is 3$ or less

By boat 4$ (only weekends, from Yacth club)

Bike renting 4$

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